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about the projects

shame lies in our secrecy, seclusion in our secrets. not without dirt is an evolution of singular projects rooted in an exploration of the layers of connection through subjective + objective storytelling, collaboration, experimental artistry + vulnerability. the purpose is not to shift another's perspective, shame or even educate. the purpose is to breakdown barriers of connection by intimately creating art that empowers the storyteller + inspires those that receive it. to blur the lines that make us feel isolated in the details that are created throughout life, lack of connection + love. 

part one -


one hundred love letters i never sent

a collection of journals, letters + poems on love.

find more on the book, the process + the visual connections that bring it to life here. 

Part two -

not my autobiography:
connecting through love, mental illness + Disease

a multi-media display of human connection

beginning late summer to early fall, 2019. if you have a story to share + are interested in participating in this project please contact euni directly for more information.  


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