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why not without dirt

we all have grit that makes us. breaks us. shapes us. molds us. folds + bends. every detail of every part of life has it's own imperfections, the things that make one thing broken, damaged, used. but in each one of these digs, scrapes, scratches lies a marking that steals, seals, unveils one's soul. 
this is why, not without dirt. because we all have become what we are, where we are, who we are going to be by the pains and pleasures that life unfolds. we are not isolated in our human experience, we’re all connected. 

what do the profits from the donations and products purchased go to?

the profits made from the sales of any products, services or donations go to support the production of the ongoing projects designed to breakdown human connection. funds go towards the creation, supplies/materials, and sharing of the projects + the elements that complete them. ideally, by you taking away pieces of each project, you plant the seeds and help grow the next.   
a part that has been perfected, through imperfection over as the minutes tick down to make new days. with for the sake of self exploration, slightly for exploitation. but mostly, for no reason greater than this is a calling from the depths of my soul - i have compiled all the most beautiful parts of me - raw, and (mostly) unfiltered. bound into a handheld collection for you to indulge, enjoy + share. i with much gratitude, humility + love reveal part one of a breakdown of connection. 

one hundred
love letters
i never sent

a compilation of personal journals, letters + poems. words by euni.

find + Review love letters on!


visual install at gallery 1325 in Oceanside, ca July 2019

love is free is a visual expression paired with one hundred something love letters i never sent to express through photographs + motion imagery the details on connection + love as seen through the eyes of euni over the years. a mix of black + white and color, the details and the evolution of the course of love is a bit choppy, mixed and often without clearly defined lines. euni has pulled pieces from her collection of imagery and motion pieces over the last fifteen years and has paired with a collection of journals, letters + poems to attempt to further express the emotions felt over the course of time. 

you can view euni’s inclusion in july’s group show at

gallery 1325 @ the moose lodge at 2017 south coast highway oceanside, ca 92054

wednesday - saturday nights thorughout the month of july or by appointment.

to schedule an appointment, please contact tierney moses at

still visuals










MOTION visual

love is free

a short film by euni. showing live at gallery 1325 through the month of july 2019