part one

portrait by  Tierney Moses  • Oceanside, ca. 2019

portrait by Tierney Moses • Oceanside, ca. 2019


i sat in the middle of my jungle cottage floor …

sprawled out around me, stacks of journals, pages ripped from notebooks, pens. highlighters + photographs. a collection i'd been hoarding. packing around from place to place - new apartments, rooms for rent and bungalow studios. secret spews, declarations of love, lust, heartaches + pains greater than any pleasure i'd ever felt. letters challenging lies, personal pep talks to lift my spirits. 

this is what filled the page after page that now surrounded me like an army of dedicated soldiers. protecting my wounded heart, barricading my unseen soul. four months it took me to rip through and re-work this hodgepodge of scribble into something that i felt worthy of exposure. fifteen years it took me to create in totality. here, i reveal a piece of me, my heart, my soul, my human. 
a part that has been perfected, through imperfection over as the minutes tick down to make new days. with for the sake of self exploration, slightly for exploitation. but mostly, for no reason greater than this is a calling from the depths of my soul - i have compiled all the most beautiful parts of me - raw, and (mostly) unfiltered. bound into a handheld collection for you to indulge, enjoy + share. i with much gratitude, humility + love reveal part one of a breakdown of connection. 

one hundred something love letters i never sent: a collection of personal journals, letters + poems. words by euni.